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by Klaus Nienkamper II

There are so many types of sofas to sit on. Deep ones, narrow ones, ones you sit on,  ones you sit in. Ugly ones, gorgeous ones, ones to die for - some to die in. Ironically - everyone sits in something different, has a unique opinion on how it sits.

I’ve been buying and selling sofas for pretty much my whole adult life and the challenge of any buyer is - how to find the right one that people will….. buy.

Easily one of my favourite sofa collections is from COR  - Germany. They have balanced that oh-so-diffucult thing of simplicity and comfort. Looks good - sits great.

The Germans have also managed to combine form and function, sofas that sleep, sofas that are adaptable. Here are some of my favourite sofas from COR


Aesthetics, purism and the highest finishing quality: furniture from COR has its own, unmistakable lines. We lend stature ­to this principle. It lives in every piece of furniture, wherever ­people appreciate beauty, comfort and functionality. Its secret the combi­nation of a willingness to innovate and traditional crafts­manship. Our designers and employees create values in a forward looking design, free of trends and fashions.




Casual, cosy, down-to-earth - Moss by Jehs+Laub with its soft cushions provides lounge culture with a softness factor. The sofa is wonderfully sprung thanks to a very high-quality slatted frame with sprung wood slats. With sofas in three widths and eight sofa elements and an additional footstool a variety of seating landscapes can be configured. Moss floats on delicate metal feet just above the floor. Who wouldn’t want to sink into it for a little time out?



by Team Form AG

As flexible as life and a very private living style: Using just three basic elements, countless favourite places or entire seating landscapes can be created with Trio. Seating ele-ment, back-rest and corner-rest. Trio comprises just these three simple elements, which offer an almost endless range of combinations — in just a few moves. Trio’s basic building block is one metre long and one metre deep, and all the other elements conform to this. Quite a simple, incredibly soft and comfortable building block system. Trio also has an intelligent internal construction which includes a proper slatted frame and a welting which allows easy removal and cleaning of the seating element.

The original version of the Trio was created in 1972 by designers at Team Form AG in Switzerland, blends seamlessly with its simple forms into any environment. In fact, 'seamless' is meant metaphorically, because the double outer seam lends Trio an unmistakable character and at the same time demonstrates its high-quality and intricate workmanship.



by F.W. Moller

In the early nineteen sixties, Friedrich Wilhelm Möller, an in novative former employee of COR from Westphalia developed a pioneering upholstery system. Conseta — a name derived from the Latin consedere, which means “sit together”— offered modular flexibility while being as adaptable as a chameleon. In addition, Conseta had such a simple and streamlined design that it would survive any changes in styles and trends: it was and continues to be the perfect expression of a holistic system.





No distractions. Room for the architecture of serenity. “Jalis” is the magical word from the Orient for hospitality and relaxed communication with family members or friends. In any circumstances, for any living area. Cushions side by side, stories one after another. This is how oases of well-being — and favourite sofas — come about. Special upholstery provides support and fabulous comfort.

“Jalis always gives the
impression of a few loose
cushions lying together.”


Inner Values

We demand the highest possible quality for all our materials. Everything comes under the microscope including our suppliers. Renowned tanneries, mills and printers supply us only with their very best products. Leather, woolen materials, cotton fabrics and synthetic fibres. We prefer wood from local forests and for the metal we only select the best available materials, too. You can sense it the moment you sit down.


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